Kitsune Zero DLC released! New art, story, enemies, 24 stages and more!

We've just released Kitsune Zero as a standalone prequel game to Kitsune Tails using the Super Bernie World engine!

Two of the most obvious improvements that are also now available in Super Bernie World are jump buffering and the ability to continue at any stage you've previously reached. But there's a new story set before Kitsune Tails, new graphics, new enemies, 24 new stages, voice acting, and a hard mode!

Kitsune Zero's features:

  • Play as a cute fox girl
  • Experience new graphics, and a new story with voice acting
  • Explore twenty four new bonus levels featuring brand new enemies
  • Challenge yourself with the optional hard mode
  • Save your progress and resume playing from any level you've previously reached
  • Enjoy new and remastered music
  • Guaranteed 100% free from American electoral politics
  • Fully backwards compatible with Super Bernie World any% speedruns

Run, jump, and stomp on ghostlike creatures from Japanese folklore lurking in the countryside and castles. Collect powerups that make Yumi grow in size, grant fireball abilities, and make her invincible for a short time. Gather the necessary ingredients to break the pact's magic and take down the leader of the samurai clan to end the war.

Defeat a sinister samurai gang to stop the clan’s war of conquest. Hear the cries of the local onmyouji, a wizardly bureaucrat assigned to keep the peace, and end the magical pact the samurai have with vengeful spirits. Only Yumi can break the alliance and restore peace… and maybe get to go on a date for her trouble. Gather the necessary ingredients to stop the dark pact’s magic and the leader of the samurai clan once and for all. But beware, for a damsel, err, dashing gentleman in distress, might need rescuing!

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100% free is the best. ^^
4-2 seems to have difficulty scaling issues.
VA is outstanding, voice lines could be more polished.