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What a lovely and pleasurable game! I really enjoy it, it's a peaceful and very fulfilling experience. Well done!

Thanks so much for leaving this comment, I really appreciate it 💜

Thanks for making such a gem! :)

This looks cool! I just got because you (Eniko) talk a lot about it on twitter and it seemed pretty nice. Def gonna play this sometime. Also congrats on the lore finder kickstarter 

Holy crap. I remember this being one of my favorite games during that Ludum Dare.  Really excited to see a full release. :D

We're actually working on an even better version that'll hit Steam (and itch) later this year!

How is this version going...?

Q1 2019 AFAIK

It was being worked on but I've been so busy with the Lore Finder Kickstarter that yeah, it'll be delayed until probably Q1 2019.

Any news?

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I am positive that the game will receive a Steam release!!

Will those of us who have purchased the game here get a Steam key?

Yep, you will be getting a Steam key for the game on release on Steam. :)

I can't get the game to work. I installed from a zip. The exe installed the C++ thing for Windows, then the game crashed. The program crashes each time I try to run it. I rebooted my computer once, but the results are the same.

I'm sorry the game is being difficult. In the game folder there should be a crash.log file, if you could email this to I'll see what I can do for you.

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The game is fun.

Do you know a way to play with a controller (JoyToKey doesn't seem to work)?

Glad you're enjoying the game! We don't have any plans to add gamepad support at this time though, sorry.

No problem, thanks for your answer.

Hi! This looks really cool but it keeps crashing on my laptop when I try to go into options :/ I've tried both versions and even fiddled a bit with the config (no idea what I'm doing).

My screen resolution is 3200x1800 so I imagine this could cause some trouble. The window is tiny so I wanted to set it fullscreen.

This is the content of the crash log:
[03/01/2016 23:09:41]
System.DivideByZeroException: Attempting to divide by zero.
ved LD32.TileBgScene.RenderBackground(SpriteBatch batch, TimeSpan time, Int32 width, Int32 height, Boolean updateOnly)
ved LD32.Options.Render(SpriteBatch batch, TimeSpan time)
ved LD32.Game.Render(SpriteBatch batch, TimeSpan gameTime, TimeSpan elapsed)
ved LD32.Container.Render(TimeSpan gameTime, TimeSpan elapsed)
ved Franca.MainLoop.Tick(TimeSpan time)
ved Franca.MainLoop.Run()
ved Franca.MainLoop.Start()
ved Franca.GameContainer.Run()
ved LD32.Program.FrancaRun()

And I tried setting a lower screen resolution, but no luck.


That sounds like it should be fixable. I'm sick right now but I'll look at it as soon as I can and get back to you on here.

Thanks for replying. Get well soon :)

Did this ever get resolved? I am experiencing the same problem : 

No it didn't, I looked at it but couldn't replicate or figure out what was going on. Can you email me at eniko at with the crash log and more details? I probably won't look at it this week though considering I'm kind of focussed on MidBoss launch.

DUDE! I haven't tried this yet, but it looks gorgeuos!!!

Thanks! It wouldn't be a game about adorable hats if it weren't adorable, am I right?