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Lore Finder 0.2.4 bug fix version
Lore Finder demo has been updated to 0.2.4 to fix a bug that, after a long time of play, could cause crashes. This is a highly recommended update.
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Lore Finder 0.2.3 update
This new version introduces localization support in the form of Japanese. We've also fixed a bug where zoning while opening the "exit to title" menu could cause...
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LF demo updated, speedrun contest, Bertram speaks
You may have noticed some builds going up this afternoon. That's because Lore Finder's demo has gotten a big update, including the implementation of the Non-Euc...
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Web build 5, no gameplay changes
This is just to let y'all know that the latest build for the Lore Finder Kickstarter Demo does not contain any gameplay changes. This update was purely done to...
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