MidBoss DLC in development, happy birthday MidBoss!

It’s MidBoss' 2nd release anniversary, happy birthday MidBoss! Over the past two years MidBoss has had over 11 thousand players, which just blows my mind. It’s been a hell of a journey, but we’re here to tell you that journey isn’t quite over yet.

We’re excited to announce that we’re working on an upcoming aesthetics and randomizer DLC for MidBoss! This DLC will feature all new pixel art for all the monsters in the game, including idle animations. It’ll also add a randomizer mode which should address one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive; that MidBoss isn’t as replayable as other roguelikes.

The randomizer mode will mix up the order of enemies in the game by randomizing their sprites, stats, and abilities. There’ll be two ways to play the randomizer. One will add some sense of order to the randomness: you won’t see late game abilities on early game monsters, and monster stats make sense thematically. The other mode throws all sense out of the window; the first monster you encounter could have skills like Bone Spear, Fireball, or Stomp.

We don’t yet have a fixed timeframe for when the DLC will be done, but it is currently in development.

We’re also planning to add two new features for everyone, including players who don’t pick up the DLC. The first is special monsters, like the champion monsters in Diablo 2 and 3. These will have the same abilities and base stats as their kin, but will have special unique buffs that make them stronger and gives them access to unique powers. These buffs will transfer to you when possessing the creature, although they cannot be unlocked permanently.

The second is rank badges to incentivize playing New Game+ at higher difficulty through increasing the hazard boost option. Beating New Game+ at +20, +40, +60, +80, and +100 hazard boost will unlock a rank achievement and badge. These are bronze, silver, gold, master, and grandmaster respectively. Badges can be displayed on your death and victory cards to show the world what rank you’ve earned. To unlock master rank the game must be beaten on 1UP mode, and to unlock grandmaster the game must be beaten on hardcore mode.

We also intend to add some more seasonal events that’ll happen every year, and expand on the event system.

We feel these changes will take MidBoss to a place where players can keep enjoying the game for years to come.

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Ohhh wow I am so glad I got this email!

I am 100% looking forward for this - it's still a game I play 10-12h on a nearly weekly basis.

Thank you very much for the game and for this wonderful piece of news <3

Wow, thanks for sharing that! :D

I'm curious actually, what keeps you coming back to MidBoss?

I like games like MidBoss, in the sense of there are so many challenges to impose to oneself in terms of handicap (for example, limiting what transformation combos you can use, be it different per level or just being allowed to change forms once the one you have dies), and despite being a small game with a limited number of creatures, it's still fun to do those things. 

Plus whenever I play it, there's always that "Okay, I died. One more try." thing in the back of my head. It can be something that makes me play the game on for a whole day, then I get satisfied. After a week, same process. It's a strange "Casual but not casual" thing, I think?

Plus, If I remember correctly, I got the game before it was on steam :D because I wanted a DRM-free version of it. So it's kind of a "sentimental value" attached to it too!